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In the 17th and 18th century, nobles were first of all expected to attend to the King and (very important at the time) play an active role in the various functions and activities organized by the Court. Sons of nobles usually served for a while as officers in the King's army and the army commanders were mostly of noble birth; but they were a small fraction in the total number of nobles. But the days of nobles acting as the King's "warriors" were long past in the days of Louis XIV and his successors.

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Q: What are two activities that nobles are required to do at Versailles?
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How did the Palace of Versailles lead to the French Revolution?

Palace of Versailles and French RevolutionLots of things led to the French revolution, but Versailles was undoubtedly one of them - or perhaps two. 1) It was an extravagance. It pointed up the vast difference between the King and his chums, and the rest of the country, and especially the total irresponsibility of the original beautiful queen , Marie-Antoinette.2) It took the King out of the capital. The revolution, when it came, was essentially made in Paris, and one of its first acts was to return the King to the city. Parisians deeply resented being ruled from outside. the Bastille was stormed because Paris needed the gunpowder stored there, to dfend off an expected attack from Versailles.Putting both together; Parisians liked to have their King where they could watch him, and where he could see them and their problems. Building Versailles broke this link and destroyed loyalty.

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We are not answering your homework for you

Which factor contributed most to rise of the feudal system in Europe?

The inability of central governments to command the politics and economics in post Roman Empire times was a major contributing factor in the rise of feudal systems in Europe. However, to fully understand the question, a definition of feudalism is required. Briefly it deals with three main factors: 1. Feudalism was a social system of rigid class distinctions; 2. It was a localized political system which included localized defense systems; and 3. An economic system of self sufficient agricultural manors. Feudalism varied in certain details according to regional conditions. The opening remarks to this answer requires an expansion of the first two sentences. The rise of feudalism was based on a few major elements and causes. Central governments were unable to protect its peoples from foreign invasions, nor keep internal peace between rival lords within a kingdom. Landlords surrendered their properties to powerful local nobles in exchange for protection. Kings of various areas of Europe gave power to powerful nobles in order to maintain their own monarchy positions. Land grants were made from kings to their nobles and soon this land created powerful local areas of food production. Giving the nobles a stronger base of power. The king, on paper, still owned all the lands of his/her kingdoms but only controlled their own estates, their so-called domains.

What does demilitarisation of the Rhineland mean?

The Demilitarization of the Rhineland, was a condition in the Treaty of Versailles which ended WWI. It said that Germany military forces could not occupy the area know as the Rhineland, the region of Germany next to France, and a long held dispute of ownership between the two countries. The Germans later re-militarized it in 1936, three years before the start of WWII

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Capital spending on numerous War ventures like the French and Indian War and the French support of the American Revolution. Building projects on credit like the construction of the Palace of Versailles.

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