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The Demilitarization of the Rhineland, was a condition in the Treaty of Versailles which ended WWI. It said that Germany military forces could not occupy the area know as the Rhineland, the region of Germany next to France, and a long held dispute of ownership between the two countries. The Germans later re-militarized it in 1936, three years before the start of WWII

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Q: What does demilitarisation of the Rhineland mean?
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Why was Germany's reoccupation of the Rhineland a significant turning point toward war?

Because Britain & France had the wherewithall to do something about it, to deny this move to the Germans, & did nothing. Had Britain & France acted together & with determination then the position would have been unequivocal: A strong united position against German rearmament. Instead Britain & France were less then united & less than determined and Hitler had all the encouragement he needed to dominate Europe with the resultant catastrophe. In hindsight it can be seen that German military power rises at an extremely high rate, but it comes from a very low base, at the time of Hitlers' remilitarisation of the Rhineland Germany was very weak militarily indeed. It might be said, therefore, that they saw the move as insignificant, and of little consequence. And it is easy to say now just how wrong this view was. I am sure, at the time, there were opinions of all shades, but primarily the desire was the avoidance of a repitition of 1914. Ultimately the consequences of this wishful thinking are far, far more serious.

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What was the German rhineland?

The Rhineland was is a part of Germany. There is a German state Rhineland-Palatinate. The northern part of this state is the Rhineland and further north, up to the region around cologne is the Rhineland.

When was Rhineland Cup created?

Rhineland Cup was created in 1953.

What was Rhineland during World War 2?

Rhineland is Germany.

What was the significance of the Rhineland?


What territory was invaded by germany in 1936?

In 1936-37: none. (In 1936 they remilitarized the Rhineland, but as the area had remained German there was no take over). The first area that the Nazis took over was Austria in 1938.

Which nation shared a border with rhineland?

In the history of Europe the areas known as Rhineland have been fought over many times. Rhineland itself has moved and shifted. If you put a date on it, you will get a better answer.

What was the German code name for the occupation of the Rhineland?

The German codename for the occupation of the Rhineland was "Operation Winter Excercise" .

Why was it important to France that the Treaty of Versailles included the demilitarization of the Rhineland?

Most of the Rhineland borders on France or Belgium.

What was the 1936 German occupation of the Rhineland met by?

The 1936 German occupation of the Rhineland was met by Hitler's troops. Hitler created the reoccupation of the Rhineland military forces to build up his own army.

What is the Rhineland most noted for?

Rhineland is a region in Germany. It gets its' name from the river Rhine that flows through the area. In 1936, Germany remilitarized Rhineland as part of the prelude to World War II.

What continent is Rhineland on?


The Rhineland was a buffer zone between Germany and?

The Rhineland was a buffer zone between Germany and France.