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The state of Wyoming has many important bodies of water, including Yellowstone Lake, Bighorn River, Belle Fourche River, and Bighorn Lake.

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Q: What bodies of water are in the state of Wyoming?
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Are there any bodies of water in Wyoming?

yes there are bodies of water in wyoming

What bodies of water border Wyoming?

Wyoming does not have any bodies of water that form its borders. The Flaming Gorge Reservoir crosses the border between Wyoming and Utah. There are various other small lakes and many rivers which also cross the border of Wyoming with other states.

What is the name of the nearest body of water to Cheyenne Wyoming?

There are no significant bodies of water within 200 miles of Cheyenne.

What is the nickname of Wyoming state?

Wyoming is called "Big Wyoming", "Cowboy State", and "Equality State".

Major body of water in state?

what are the major bodies of water are in this state

What is the state flag of Wyoming?

The name of Wyoming's state flag is: State Flag of Wyoming.

Are there any bodies a water in Montana?

There are no bodies of water surrounding Montana, it is a land locked state.

What is Wyoming's largest state?

Wyoming IS a state.

Does Wyoming have a state muffin?

No, Wyoming does not have a state muffin. In fact, Wyoming does not have an official state food.

What is Wyoming's state flag nickname?

Wyoming's state flag does not have a nickname. However, the state of Wyoming's official nickname is "The Equality State" which appears on Wyoming's state flag.

What is the name of the capitol building in Wyoming?

The name of the state capitol building in Cheyenne, Wyoming is "Wyoming State Capitol" or "Wyoming State Capitol Building".

What states or major bodiesof water border wyoming?

There are no major bodies of water that border Wyoming. There are, however six states that do. Starting from the north and going clockwise, they are Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah and Idaho.