What branch can tax?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The branch which can tax is the Legislative Branch. This branch includes the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

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Q: What branch can tax?
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What branch of government is the tax court in?

The US Tax Courts are part of the Legislative Branch of government, but support the IRS and the Department of the Treasury, which are part of the Executive Branch of government.

Which branch of government collects taxes executive legislative judicial?

The Executive Branch enforces the laws which includes the tax laws. The IRS is a government agency headed by the Executive Branch. The Legislative branch creates the tax laws.

The constitution gives the power to tax which branch of government?

The legislative branch has the power to tax, however only the House of Representatives can introduce tax legislature, and it still requires senate approval.

What branch starts a tax bill?


What branch of government has the power to tax?

The legislative branch (Congress) makes all tax laws and also controls the government budget.ANSWER: Taxation is not a right it is a privilege granted Congress by the people in order to allow the slow and burdensome machinery of government to grind it's way towards a more perfect union. The Constitution of the United States places strict rules on how Congress can tax but it is widely accepted that Congress can tax whatever is taxable. What is taxable? Aye, but there's the rub!

What government branch can write tax laws?

All laws dealing with money start in the legislative branch.

Which branches of government have the right to tax-local governments state governmentsor the national government?

Executive branch Executive branch Executive branch

Which branch of government can suggest a new tax law?


State Bank of India Service Tax Registration No?

what is service tax no. of state bank of india hingna branch

Can the president impose excise tax?

No, the President of the USA does not have the Constitutional power to impose any tax. That is a power of the legislative branch of the government.

Which gov't branch can propose a tax increase?

any one can propose a tax increace but only the government with the agreement of the senate can increase it.

Which branch decides how much people should pay in taxes and what to do with the tax money?