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Q: What branch of State government is most likely to propose state constitutional amendments?
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What branch of government declares war approves Constitutional amendments and begins impeachment proceedings?

the legislative branch (congress)

Can the legislative branch propose constitutional amendments?

Congress can propose an amendment to the constitution as long as there is a two thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives as well as the Senate. The only other way to propose an amendment would be through a constitutional convention with a two thirds vote from all the states' legislatures.

What two branches can propose new Amendments?

Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch

Which branch of the federal government can propose an amendment?

Legislative Branch

What government institution may vote on constitutional amendments?

In the US, the legislative branch (Congress) typically votes with a two-thirds majority in both houses to send a proposed constitutional amendment to the states for ratification.

What branch of federal government is responsible for writing of amendments?


What branch of federal government is able to propose an amendment?

the legislative :)

What branch of the federal government is able to propose an amendment.?

the legislative :)

Which branch of government has the power to judgewhether a law is constitutional or not?

The judicial branch.

Who has the power to Propose constitutional amendment?

Either Congress or a constitutional convention have the power to do propose amendments to the US Constitution under Article V of the Constitution. Congress may proposes a specific amendment for ratification by votes of two thirds of both houses of Congress. Congress may also convene a constitutional convention, on application of the legislatures of two thirds of the states, in order for the convention to prepare and propose specific amendments for ratification. This method has not yet been used.

Which branch of government proposes amendments to the US Constitution?


Which branch of government introduces amendments to the constitution?

the supreme court