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Local building materials and traditional building materials differ in the sense that whereas local building materials are those that naturally occur on a building site or its vicinity[1], traditional building materials are those local building materials that a culture/ society has adopted to use in its architecture, with norms and values attached to the different elements as is in the case of African traditional architecture.

It's therefore true to add that a material can be local, but not traditional.

[1] Anderson, Arnsby, Johansson& Astrand, A solution to rural housing problems, Lund Sweden, 1986

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that is a good question!but frist clarify the "olden days"from the 1800 hundreds to the 1900 hunderds,you went from iron to steel,from the 1900 hunderds to the present you have gone from wood to plastics,in my great-great grand fathers time he built our frist homested house out of sod on the Illinois parire,as wood was very scarce. my ancestors from Ireland in the1600 hunderds built their homes out of stone,mud and i think you pin down a point in time,in which you are interested in.o.k.?

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Q: What building materials did you use in the olden days?
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