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We women have been more successful We are now given chances to be entrepreneurs We are now able to show are full potential by voting inventing many useful things starting businnesses and persevering in the hardest times

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A lot of things. Women can now vote and serve in the government, which they couldn't do back then. Additionally, while some women worked back in the day, those who did were mostly very poor and did so out of necessity. Women in the 19th century working faced great discrimination, and could only work in a very small number of jobs for pay that was a fraction of a man's. Today, however, women can hold almost any job that a man can, and are guaranteed equal pay by law (although in practice a pay gap still does exist, albeit an extremely small one when compared to the one that occurred in the 19th century).

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Vote, play sports, run corporations, run for public office, own their own land, business, house, and be in the armed forces.

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Wemen perform 66% of the jobs in the world, only recieve 11% percent of the income, and only own 1% of the land in the entre world

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How does this relate to the whestion

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Q: What can women do now that they couldn't in the early 1900s?
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