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Congressmen have a limited privelege against arrest. Except in cases of treason, felony and breach of peace, Congressmen may not be arrested during their attendance at the session of their respective Houses and in going to and returning from same. Article 1, Section 6 Clause 1 of the US Constitution

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Q: What cannot happen to a congressman while congress is in session?
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When can the President prorogue a session of Congress?

The president has the power to prorogue a session of congress. This can happen only if two houses cannot agree on a date for adjournment.

When did Grind Session happen?

Grind Session happened in 2000.

What is a bill called when a president holds it for to long?

When a US Predident receives a bill, he does have the option of doing nothing. In this case, two things can happen. If Congress is in session at any point within a period of 10 business days after the President receives the bill, it automatically becomes law. If Congress does not convene within 10 days, the bill dies and Congress cannot override it. This is known as a pocket veto.

Why have is special sessions lost their importance?

Only the president can call congress into special session. Only 26 special sessions have been held,the last one was in 1948. The president can call congress or each of its houses. The senate has been called into special session 46 occasions last was 1933.

What is the current congress term?

The current term for the United States Houe of Representatives is from January, 2009 to December 2010. Sessions of Congress happen constantly. For they meet for a few months, and close the session to usually celebrate holidays, or to go back home to visit the voters and get Feedback from them on certain issues, or when it's election season. Then, after an event is over, the Congress goes back to Washington, D.C, and a new session begins. There are "Special Sessions of Congress," that may be called for by the President of the United States. An example of this would be "Home Land Security."

When did Congress of Estonia happen?

Congress of Estonia happened in 1990.

What happens is a bill pass and the president doesn't sign the bill but holds it for more than 10 days?

After 10 days the bill becomes law even it is not signed, provided that Congress is still in session. However, if Congress adjourns before the 10 days are up, the bill is treated as if it were vetoed. They call this kind of veto a "pocket veto".

When did Congress of the Animals happen?

Congress of the Animals happened in 2011-05.

When did Summer Session happen?

The time frames for summer sessions at schools vary.

When did Democratic Constituent Congress happen?

Democratic Constituent Congress happened in 1992.

What happen if both houses of congress pass a bill and the president does nothing and congress is at recess?

In that situation the bill is considered vetoed and is of no effect. This is called the President's "pocket veto." For a bill to become law the President must do two things. He must sign it and return it to Congress within 10 days of passage. A bill, whether signed by the President or not, cannot be returned to Congress if it is in recess. If Congress recesses before the President signs and returns the bill it cannot be returned; therefore the two requirements for a bill to become law cannot be met. When this happens, if Congress wants the bill passed, Congress will introduce another version of the bill, pass it and send it to the President who would then have to formally veto it or sign and return it.

What can happen to a legislative bill after the president vetoes it?

It goes back through the senate and the house of representatives after being reviewed by the president, and if it gets a 2/3ds vote from both sides, the bill is passed. "If Congress is in session, the bill becomes law after ten days without the president's signature." (from