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Q: What city was covered with volcanic ash?
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What is the ash cloud of a volcano called?

Volcanic dust is made of fine grit and volcanic ash. This is the pumice that covered the city of Pompeii sealing them in their eternal rest.

How thick was the layer of volcanic ash that covered pompeii?

8-10 feet deep.

Could your city be cover by volcanic ash?

yes there are possibilities

Is it Pompeii or pompei?

Pompeii is the famous city that was covered by volcanic ash after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Pompei is the modern city founded in 1891 near the site of the ancient ruins.

What is volcanic tuft made from?

The correct spelling is volcanic tuff instead of volcanic tuft. Volcanic ash that has been ejected from vents during eruption makes volcanic tuff.

What is tephor?

Tephor is a type of volcanic ash. Tephor is a type of volcanic ash.

Is volcanic ash radioactive?

No. Volcanic ash is harmful to inhale and can be toxic, but it is not radioactive.

What is volcanic ash good for?

Volcanic ash can create very fertile soil.

Does volcanic ash create basalt?

No. While volcanic ash can have a basaltic composition, it usually does not. Basalt forms from lava. Volcanic ash forms tuff.

The ancient city of pompeii was destroyed when a mixture of hot volcanic gases, ash, and rock poured down mount Vesuvius and covered the city. Which two terms describe the substance that was produced by the volcano?

A. Pyroclastic Flow and D. Tephra. Apex

What volcanic hazard is made up of rocky particles about the size of a grain of sand?

Volcanic ash

What is specific health problem that volcanic ash can cause?

Volcanic ash can cause lung problems from breathing the ash in.