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Q: What concentration camp did Anne and Margot go to after Auschwitz?
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Which concentration camp was Margot Frank required to go to?

Anne Frank, Margot Frank and their mother were first sent (from Westerbork) to Auschwitz; then on 30 October 1944 Anne and Margot were moved to Bergen-Belsen, but their mother had to stay in Auschwitz.

What camp did Margot Anne's sister go to?

Margot Anne's sister went to Camp Green Lake.

When Did Anne Frank Go When She Was Discovered?

Anne Frank and her family were arrested by the Gestapo on August 4, 1944, in Amsterdam. They were taken to a transit camp and then transferred to Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. Anne and her sister Margot were later moved to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where they both died in early 1945.

What happened to Anne Frank afer they were discovered?

Anne and her sister Margot where transported from the Auschwitz (Concentration-camp) to the Bergen-Belsen (concentration-camp), which is now near Hanover, Germany. There, first Margot, and then a few days later, Anne were killed by a decease called typhus. Typhus was a very common decease in Concentration-camps, it broke out in the winter 199-1945.

What happened to anne and morgot?

Anne and Margot Frank were both sent to Auschwitz concentration camp, then later transferred to Bergen-Belsen, where they died of starvation and a disease called Typhus.

Who was susanne ledermann?

Susanne Lederman was friends with Anne Frank and her sister Margot. Lederman was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943.

How did Margot Anne die?

Margot Frank died from Typhus in a Concentration Camp:(

Where did Anne and Margot transferred to?

a concentration camp called bergon - belson concentration camp in northen germany

What concentration camp did Anne Frank's father go to?

She was sent with her two daughters to Auschwitz. However, in October 1944 Anne and Margot were transferred to Bergen-Belsen, while their mother had to stay at Auschwitz, where she died of starvation on January 6, 1944.

What was the name of the concentration camp where Anne Frank went to?

Answer 1First, Anne Frank and the others hiding in the secret annexe were taken to Westerbork, a transit camp. From there, Anne was sent to Auschwitz and then to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp near Hanover, where she died because she caught typhus.Answer 2Well, Anne Frank first stared were all dutch Jews go, Westbork, Anne and Margot were then transferred to Authuzwic an extermination camp in poland while Edith died at Westbork, Later, Anne and Margot were sent to Bergen Belsen in Germany, Margot died there in early Febuary of tyhus and two weeks later Anne died of a broken heart.

When did Anne Frank leave Auschwitz concentration camp?

Anne Frank was moved from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen on 30 October 1944.

What was the name of the concentration camp Anne was in?

She was in one transit camp - Westerbork - and two concentration camps: Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen.