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Ann Frank died before the war was over so the camp continued to exist until the Allies found it and arrested or killed the Germans they found there. The men who found the camp worked to save the lives of the people they found. The site of the camp still exists and can be visited.

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Q: What happened to anne franks concentration camp after she died?
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What happened to Anne franks concentration camp shortly after she died?

The entire camp was liberated by allies a few weeks after her death.

What was Anne Franks daily schedule at the concentration camp?

tell us

What happens to Anne franks concentration camp a few weeks after Anne's death?

The Bergen-Belsen concentration camp was liberated by British and Canadian troops .

Did Anne franks parents die in a concentration camp?

Her mother did, as well as her sister, but the father was the only one who survived the concentration camp.

Who is lies goosens?

She was Anne Franks friend, and they both got put into a concentration camp...

When was the liberation of Anne Franks concentration camp?

She died in March 1945 (exact date unknown) in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

What happened to them when the Franks were found?

They were sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Most of them died there.

What was Anne Franks's first job?

Anne Frank's really did not have a first job. She was sent to a concentration camp at the age of 15 and died there.

What was anne franks friends?

Anne's best friend was lies who was in the same concentration camp as Anne. lies' mum and dad died her and her sister survived the war

Where were the franks sent to?

Anne Frank was first taken to Westerbork(a transit camp)then was transported to Auschwitz(The largest Nazi Concentration camp) where she soon died.

How did they find Anne Franks Diary?

the lady that was hiding anne found it and was going to give it to anne when she got out of the concentration camp but when she found out she was dead she gave it to annes father

What happened to anne and her family when they where found?

What happend to anne when they where found Anne Frank, her family, and the other family were all sent to a concentration camp when the Nazi Police force found them.