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the tenth admendment

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Q: What constitutional amendment would states rights activists most likely cite as a limit on federal powers?
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Is a same-sex marriage amendment constitutional?

This is a complex legal question that even experts are not able to answer with certainty. However, based upon court decisions to date and legal opinions that I have read, a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage is likely to be found constitutional in jurisdictions where same-sex couples have never been permitted to marry. However, it is likely that such an amendment would be found unconstitutional in a jurisdiction where same-sex couples have already been permitted to marry.

What would a constitutional challenge to the death penalty be based on?

Most likely on the Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.

How can the constituion be changed?

There are 2 ways to change the U.S. Constitution.The first way is for two thrids of both houses of Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate) to propose a constitutional amendment. Once this happens, the proposed amendment is submitted to the states. The legislatures of 3/4 of the states must ratify the amendment. At this point, it becomes part of the constitution. The president has no official role in amendment the constitution (he doesn't have to sign the amendment for it to take effect, and can do nothing to defeat a constitutional amendment once it has passed). Of course, unofficially, presidents can use their political clout to influence public opinion one way or another, which can affect the chances of a constitutional amendment passing.The second method starts with the states, and was likely included to give states a check on overreaching federal power. The legislatures of the states apply to congress for a convention to propose amendments to the constitution. If 2/3 of the states make such applications, congress must call the convention. Once such a convention is called, and amendments are proposed, the amendment(s) must be ratified by the legislatures of 3/4 of the states. This method has never actually been used to amend the constitution, but Congress has proposed amendments in response to threats by states to call a convention, likely to retain some control over the amendment process.

What would the Second Amendment would most likely prevent the federal government from passing what law?

any answer that says anything about guns being banned

Constitutional convention delegates who were in favour of a less involved federal government most likely supported?

new jersey plan

How can citizens get rid of the US Constitution?

This would require that both houses of congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment to rescind the Constitution that the President would sign, and then ratification by the states that would more than likely be sent to a public vote. In short, it wouldn't likely happen.

Is cyber-bullying illegal in every state?

No cyber-bullying is not illegal in every US state and there is no federal law against it. It will be difficult to enforce such laws because they are likely to violate the First Amendment.

What sociological perspective would most likely study the new social roles assumed by activists within a social movement?

The conflict perspective would most likely study the new social roles assumed by activists within a social movement. This perspective focuses on power dynamics and inequalities in society, making it well-suited to analyze how activists challenge existing social structures and institutions through their new roles.

Can a convicted felon get gun rights back in KY?

You'd have to consult with an attorney, but it is doubtful, because likely there is federal law that prohibit the purchase / acquisition of the firearm. The federal law is likely more stringent and carries higher penalties as well. But, to be certain a competent attorney specializing in firearm law/2nd amendment law would be your best bet.

What was the corwin amendment?

The Corwin Amendment was passed by a lame duck Congress on March 2, 1861, with the apparently futile aim to forestall the US Civil War. It proposes that no Constitutional amendment could be passed that restricted state laws on "domestic institutions" specifically the abolition of slavery. Since this was effectively done by the subsequently ratified 13th Amendment (1865), the Corwin amendment would likely be considered moot. By the time of of its passage, seven Southern states had seceded from the Union, and despite being the ones that would have benefitted from it, ignored the amendment. Only two Northern states (possibly three) ratified the amendment, and Ohio later rescinded its ratification.

The second amendment would most likely prevent the federal government from passing which law?

A law preventing citizens from keeping loaded guns in their homes

Who are stakeholders of animal cloning?

(This is a list of a few I could think of)Stakeholders who (most likely) Oppose: -Animal rights activists-Certain religious groupsStakeholders who (most likely) Support:-Wait-listed patients who need organs- Doctors who would rather not have to work with human to human transplants