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Q: What countries aided the colonies?
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What colonies aided of the growing of rice in the southern colonies?

fertile soil fertile soil

The rise of commerce in the English colonies was aided by?


What aided the growing of the rice in the southern colonies?

Africans were skilled in the use of gates and dikes.

Which countries fought the Revolutionary War?

Numerous countries were involved in the fighting during the Revolutionary War. The main combatants were the Americans and French against the British with German Hessian mercenaries aiding them. However, Spain and Russia also aided the colonies, and Native Americans assisted on both sides.

How did other countries American colonies differ from Spain?

american colonies envied wealth and power from Spain.Spain had wealth other countries' colonies didnt

Which country aided in an American victory by declaring war on the British in 1779?

Well 2 countries aided America in the war with the British. France and later on Spain.

How did the geography affect the economy of the middle colonies?

The affect that geography had on the economy of the middle Colonies was to help the economy. Farming was the main source of the economy and the fertile soil, and Natural Resources aided the Middle Colonies economy.

Why were the colonies of Asia and Africa drawn into ww1?

The colonies of Africa and Asia belonged to the nations fighting WWI. Naturally, those colonies aided their mother country on the path to Victory. Also, some colonies (such as German Tanganyika) had soldiers stationed in the region. They fought and invaded their enemy's colonies and colonial forces.

Why was it important for Europe's countries to have colonies?

European countries were battling for land, power, resources, etc., which meant they needed colonies.

How many European countries held African colonies by 1914?

7 European Countries were held African colonies by 1914.

Who did Carolina planters mostly associate with?

Carolina planters mostly associated with other planters.

Which aided the growing of rice in the southern colonies?

Africans were skilled in the use of gates and dikes.