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The first 'city-state' republic was Vaisali, in India, sometime around 700-300 BCE.

The oldest 'surviving city-state' republic is San Marino. It declared independence of the Roman Empire on 3 September 301.

The first 'full-fledged country' that became a republic was the Dutch Republic (the Netherlands), that declared its independence from King Philip II of Spain on 26 July 1581.

The Dutch Act of Abjuration was probably influenced by the Magna Carta, an English charter from 1215. In turn, the Act of Abjuration arguably influenced the United States Declaration of Independence, making it (the first modern?) republic on July 4, 1776.

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One country that has a republic government is the country of Angola. Also, Bolivia, Chile, and Colombia have republic governments.

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The first recorded Democracy was found in Ancient Greece and in particular the Athenian Democracy.

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The ancient Greeks.

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Q: What country had the first republic?
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