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Norman peasants ate a lot of bread which was made from a rye grain. The ate stews with vegetables, berries, and nuts. They ate very little meat as doing so could have them punished by their lords.

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Beef, pork and venison - which the English peasants had to hunt or farm for their masters (but never eat) under the name of cattle, pigs and stags.LOL HAHAHA :3

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good food

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Q: What did Norman peasants eat?
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Where do the peasants live in a Norman castle?

there would be an area at the bottom called a bailey where there would be a village for peasants. Hope this helps! =D

What to peasants eat in the 1660's?

i was told that peasants didnt eat much. They had to get by mainly on veg and fruit that they grew.

What did peasants eat with?

They used to use their fingers !

What foods did peasants eat?

Peasants usually ate foods like this: Bread Oatmeal Ale Milk Corn Vegetables Fruits Stew Peasants didn't eat meat often and often had fruit for dessert. Hope this Helps!

What did the nobility eat in Medieval Times?

Peasants, the birds.

What did peasants eat during the middle ages?

bread .

What do meadieval peasants eat for breakfast?

black bread and ale

What jobs did medieval peasants do in e summer?

eat the pants

What is another name for peasants?

I believe peons, serfs and rubes are peasants. Peasants usually farm for food, some hunt, I believe. They are said to eat mostly cabbage and barley.

When do peasants eat?

like the people they eat scraps of food and food people give theme

What did peasants in the middle ages eat for breakfast?

they would probably eat bread or porrige

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feudal peasants since this was feudalism's most known war story.