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In their free time, monks did a variety of things. Historically, they might have prayed or read religious literature. It is also possible that monks participated in activities to better their communities.

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Generally speaking monks would pray, chant the canonical hours (Prime, terce, sext, none, vespers, compline, matins, lauds), and they would work. Depending on where the monks were living and what order they belonged to they would have gardens, dairys, or they would teach, or provide medical services.

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Medieval nuns, like monks, followed the strict Horarium or sequence of services. These were based on The Bible's assertion that a man ought to pray seven times a day, plus once in the night. This meant getting up for the night service and then returning to bed, getting up again for the first service of the day.

It is important to realise that time was seen very differently before mechanical clocks were invented; there was no accurate way of telling time, so all of the daily services were held at approximately the following times (which could vary in different nunneries and monasteries and at different times of year):

2 am: Matins, often combined with Lauds

6 am: Prime

9 am: Terce

12 noon: Sext

3 pm: None

6 pm: Vespers

8 pm: Compline

Nuns and monks went to bed in complete silence straight after Compline was finished. In between these Holy Offices were the daily Chapter meeting (around 7 am), the two daily Masses, meals, time spent reading or studying and time spent working at different tasks.

Every single part of the day was strictly allocated for a specific scheduled occupation (work, study or prayer) so there was no "free time" or time for play.

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they had jobs like ..
looking after travellers horses.
growing crops for the lords and them self's
making wine for the lords.
they were the type of jobs monks had to do in Tudor times!

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Tell people about their religion and practicing their religion

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Meditate, possibly relax.

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petted cats.5ywn5synyjtjjk and ate kfc.

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Q: What did monks do in their free time is they had any?
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