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Q: What does gold miner do in their free time?
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How do you get free gold?

you can not get free gold unless you get a really nice friend that is a gold miner and will give you some gold

Where can you get free no time limits gold miner full version download?

You can find this game at a number of different sites. This includes and

Where can a review of the Gold Miner game be found?

Reviews for the game Gold Miner can be found on sites such as 123 Games or on forums on the official Gold Miner webpage. Alternatively, try gaming magazines.

What is the proper name for a miner who is a gold digger?

The best name for a miner who is a gold digger is either "gold digger" or a "gold miner". Some people refer to these miners as "prospectors", but those are typically people who search for gold rather than mining it.

What was edward hargraves' occupation?

a gold miner of a australian team miner

Where can someone play Gold Miner 2?

The best place to play Gold Miner 2 is from the Gold Miner website itself. Some other places that you can find this game is on Kongregate and Two Player Games.

Does Mexico mine for gold and silver?

Yes. Mexico is the largest miner of silver, and 8th largest miner of gold in the world.

What is the animal on gold miner game?

The animals used in the Gold Miner game are lions ans doves.

What does a ancient gold miner in Ghana do?

They do not mine the gold but supervise

What was the chance of a gold miner finding gold?

very low

Is gold miner a virus?

No, a gold miner is not a virus. Gold miner typically refers to individuals or companies who engage in the extraction of gold from the earth. It is a legitimate occupation or business activity in the mining industry.

What games did gold miners play?

gold miner and dig-in some gold.