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They considered them traitors - not to their King, but to their fellow countrymen and neighbors. Those who were forced to choose one side or the other, British or colonial, were at risk of death if the local majority felt otherwise.

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It is not a definite answer because it is a matter of opinion from the patriots.

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Q: What did patriot colonists think of loyalist traitors and spies?
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Did a man change from a patriot to a loyalist?

well some actually were disguised as spies and betray the side they r pretendin to be

What false assumption does Stalin make about people who disagree with his plans?

They are on the Nazis' side.

What were some spies names in the revolutionary war?

Nathan Hale, Abigail Adams, Haym Salomon were all Patriot spies in the American Revolution

Why might patriot women have made good spies for the continental army?

you would get to spy

What is the sybolism of a fox?

Generally people associate foxes with sly, clever underhanded things. think cheats, spies and traitors.

What did patriot spies do in the revolution war?

they helped find out information about the king's next move and help the patriot army sneak up on the tories so they could win the war.

Delivering supplies giving medical care to soldiers and were common activities of Patriot women in the Revolutionary War.?

serving as spies

When Delivering supplies giving medical care to soldiers and were common activities by patriot women in the revolutionary war?

serving as spies

In 1798 the federalist?

The Federalist majority in the Congress quickly passed four laws in 1798 to make United States more secure from alien spies and domestic traitors.

Was there any spys in the Vietnam war?

Nearly all wars have had spies...from Attila the Hun & Genghis Khan's times, to the Roman Empire and Alexander the Great's times thru all the recorded wars of history...even the American Indian wars had spies or traitors.

How did the women spies from the revolutionary war help the colonists win the war?

They would date enemy soldiers to get information

Who were the Loyalist?

A loyalist is someone who maintains loyalty to an established government, political party, or sovereign, especially during war or revolutionary change such as the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. In modern English usage, the most common application is to loyalty to the British Crown American colonists sympathetic to the British.Loyaltists were people that remained loyal to the British during the American Revolution.