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they wore a black or navy dress or skirt with a top,

an apron on top and a white mob hat .

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The would have dressed extremely plainly, unlike the maids in France. After the death of her beloved Prince Albert, Queen Victoria remained in mourning clothes until her death. Her maids would have also dressed in mourning uniform.
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Sullery Maids wore long black dresses and white aprons.

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black dresses and a white apron

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Q: What did scullery maids wear?
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Did scullery maids work in Norman castles?


Who lived at Hampton court palace the longest?

Scullery maids

What types of Victorian maids are there?

There are Lady's maids, house-maids, nursary maids, nanny's, parlour maids, chamber maids, laundry maids, kitchen maids, cooks, butlers, house-keepers, between maids, scullery maids, still room maids and for smaller houses all-of-work-maids. Hope that helps! x

What hobbies did scullery maids have?

In their spare time they would crochet, sew embroidery or make clothes.

What are the Tudor names for servants?

well, there are scullery maids and royals would have ladies and gentlemen in waiting.

Were there scullery maids in the middle ages?

A scullery was where pots, pans, dishes, bowls, jugs and cutlery were cleaned and stored and was usually adjacent to the kitchen. The term for a servant employed in the scullery was scullion, and these were more often boys and young men rather than girls and women - but no doubt there were at least some scullery maids to be found.The Old French term escouillon is cleaning-cloth or dish--cloth. Scullions were considered the very lowest grade of servant.

How much time off did scullery maids have in Victorian times?

None i think and worked half a day on Sundays.

Who would normally work in a scullery?

Traditionally maids would work in a scullery. They would clean the dishes and other kitchen items as well as washing other items around the house that needed vigorous scrubbing.

What do maids wear on their heads?


What is the thing that maids wear around their waist?

An apron.

What did maids wear in the early 1960s?

the birthday suit..

Did Sir Walter and Elizabeth get on it?

They shared the same ambitions and were very adventurous, Walter Raleigh married one of Elizabeth's scullery maids "Bess"