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Q: What does a Highwayman wear?
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What does Highwayman wear?

a highwaymen wear boots up to the thigh black cloaks scarfs and tricon hats

What kind of shoes did highwayman wear?

They usually wore tall boots that went from the thigh down.

what is the complications of the highwayman?

The highwayman

What is the complication of the highwayman?

The highwayman

When were the highwayman about?

the highwayman were about in the 18th century

What kind of Hats did the highwayman wear?

The highwayman is typically depicted wearing a tricorn hat, which was a popular style during the 18th century. This type of hat has three points and was commonly worn by men during that time period.

When were the highwayman's first about?

the highwayman were about in the 18th century

Who is the highwayman in the story the highwayman?

robin hood

Why did we need a highwayman?

A highwayman was a thief who robbed people traveling on the highway. I do not know that anyone "needed" a highwayman.

What was the highwayman's catch phrase?

what is the famouse catchfrase for the highwayman

What qualities does a highwayman need?

what qualities are required to be a highwayman

Who narrate the highwayman?

Who is the protagonist in the highwayman