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The theme of something means the universal message that we all get from the excerpt. Not only one single group or classification of people, all the world should be able to get the same message(s) out of a certain piece of literature. The subjects are love, anger, revenge, death, the list goes on and on, but the theme of the narrative poem "The Highwayman" by Alfted Noyes is... You can do crazy things for love.

Another theme is: Love is an eternal bond.

And the second most important message is: One must not kick someone behind his/her back just in order to receive forced love.

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The term "highwayman" is somewhat archaic; it referred to a kind of criminal who used to rob people who travelled on horseback on British highways, before the advent of cars. This highwayman was a criminal who lived by theft, and who loved the landlord's daughter and was loved by her in return, so deeply that she gave her life for him, tragically, since he then gave his own life trying to avenge her. The point of all this would be that even criminals are still human, and sometimes merit our sympathy, and the workings of justice can be overly cruel.

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"What are you willing to sacrifice for a treasured item or individual?" or probably are you willing to scrafice treasure for a life

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Q: What is the poem The Highwayman about?
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When did Alfred noyes write the poem the highwayman?

Alfred Noyes wrote the poem "The Highwayman" in 1906.

Who is the author of The Highwayman?

Alfred Noyse wrote the English poem The Highwayman.

Who are the main characters in the poem highwayman?

The main characters in the poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes are the highwayman himself, Bess, and Tim the ostler. The poem follows the story of the highwayman, his lover Bess, and the tragic events that unfold when Bess sacrifices herself to warn him of a trap set by the authorities.

How old was Alfred Noyes when he wrote the highwayman?

he was 34 when he wrote the poem the highwayman

What are three weapons the highwayman carried in the poem highwayman?

Rapier, Pistols and whip

What happens to the highwayman in the poem?

if a highwayman was caught he would be hung

Is the highwayman supernatural?

In the poem, the Highwayman, Bess and the highwayman are both killed. At the end of the poem, however, it tells of the legend that the ghost of the highway man comes to the inn where the ghost of Bess waits for him. Therefore, in this sense, the Highwayman is supernatural.

How many golds did the highwayman steal?

The highwayman in the poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes steals the life of the innkeeper's daughter instead of gold.

Who was king in the highwayman poem?

King George

Are there similes or alerations in the highwayman poem?


What poem does Patricia read to Frankie?

"The Highwayman"

What is the girl name in the highwayman?

The girl's name in the poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes is Bess. She is a beautiful innkeeper's daughter who is in love with the highwayman.