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Settlers in the Rhode Island Colony wore clothes that they made. Women and girl wore long dresses often made of linen while men wore shirts with a dark coat.

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Q: What did the settlers in rhode island colony wear?
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What did the Rhode Island colony wear?

They wore leather pants and long shirts so they would not get hurt/cut

What kind of games did the settlers in Georgia colony wear?

They wear rags

What type of clothing did people wear in the year 1636 in Rhode Island Colony?

they wore many layers worn in the year of 1636 for women the men wore breetches .

What did people wear in colonial rhode island?

clothes with fur

What were some of Rhode island colony laws?

that girls had to wear aprons and a head bonnet and a dress and you couldn't dress rich if you weren't rich and that discipline was strict but not like new England.

Is it illegal for a citizen to wear a bullet proof vest in Rhode Island?


What clothing did the people in Rhode Island in1629 wear?

Trousers and fish and salted bread.

What is Rhode Island's Human-Environment Interaction?

ris hei is that we wear couts in the winter

Facts about colonial Rhode Island?

My dear little noobs if you want to know the answer then research.

What kind of games did the settlers in the Massachusetts bay colony wear?

They wore heavy clothes like dresses, aprons, slacks and hats.

What did Quebec settlers wear in 1759?

Probably beaver skins since it was the first colony in North America. It was also a fur trading post.

What did settlers in your colony wear?

men wore coats and trousers the woman and childern wore dresses and boys wore dresses until they were 7