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The keys are indiciative of St Peter.

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Q: What do the keys represent on the wolverhampton's coat of arms?
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To identify, inventory, issue and receive keys correctly operating locks while maintaining records of keys and locks, key holders, and instructions to produce or dispose of keys. Effective Key control must monitor lost or stolen keys, coordinate lock replacements and collect appropriate fees associated with production and issue of keys. Most important, the effective key control plan will assure keys work as required and are issued and collected in a timely accountable manner. Additionally, security of keys and accurate records of keys and locks are necessary for effective control. The key players of the plan are the locksmith, key control personnel, and key holders. Critical to the success of the plan are the processes by which keys and locks are requested, keys issued, accounts managed and customer interactions managed.

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What do the gold and silver keys represent on the pope benedict's coat of arms?

the keys represent the time when god entusted saint Peter with the keys to heaven

Which saint's keys appears on the Pope's coat of arms?

The Coat of Arms of the Vatican City might be considered the Pope's coat of arms since he is the Vatican's Head of State. The arms include crossed keys of silver and gold which symbolise the keys of the kingdom of heaven promised to Saint Peter.

What do the keys on the papal flag represent?

They are keys to the kingdom of God

What is the significance of the honey bee in the Vatican's coat of arms?

The honeybee often seen in Papal coats of arms and also in much of the artwork housed in the Vatican is a symbol used by the Barberini family of Popes. Could that honeybee be The Triple Crown above the Keys of the Kingdom?

What does the Venezuela's coat of arms stand for?

The Coat of Arms of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will keep in its body the colors of the National Flag in three sections: The left section will be red and will contain sheaf of wheat with as many branches as there are states in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as a symbol of the Nation's wealth and union. The right section will be yellow and as emblem of victory, will contain a sword, a spear, an arch and an arrow, inside a quiver a machete and two national flags entwined by a crown of laurels. The third section will be blue, will occupy the entire bottom area of the Coat of Arms and will contain a indomitable white horse, galloping toward the left and facing the front, as an emblem of independence and freedom; adopting for such effect the figure of the horse contained in the Federation's Coat of Arms, dated July 29, 1863. The Coat of Arms will have for a stamp, as a symbol of abundance, the images of two entwined cornucopias joint in the middle, places horizontally, full of fruits and tropical flowers and in its lateral sides the figures of a bunch of olive leafs to the left and a palm to the right, joint in the center to the Coat of Arms by a band with the three national colors. In the band's blue stripe the following words will be inscribed with golden letters: to the left "April 19, 1810" and " Independence"; to the right "February 20, 1859" and "Federation" and in the center "Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela".

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When Our Lord appointed Peter to lead the church as the first pope he said, "I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. . . . . " Peter is usually pictured holding two keys.

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