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A tax

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Q: What do you call a crime betraying your country's government?
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Can the government kill you?

They call it deadly force, but if you resist with a deadly weapon and you have committed a serious crime and they find you, they can.

An act for which the law provides a penalty is call what?

a crime

How do you respond to someone that you know is gong to call you and apoligise for lying and betraying you but you know there not sorry?

The best response here is surely none; let the call go to voicemail.

Why does Australia not contain any countrys?

Australia is a federation of what we call states. each of these is like a country n its own right with its own constitution and sovereignty. so the states of Australia are its country's when a decision is made in the Federal government the states interests are represented by the senators in the senate.

What do you call a crime scene find?

Anything found at a crime scene is considered evidence.

How do you call those people who commit a crime?

A person who commits a crime is known as a criminal.

Crime in one state and leave that state can they call you back to the state crime happened in?


What do you call the guy who did the crime in police talk?

the suspect

What do you call a person who discover who committed a crime?

a witness

What do we call Someone who suffers as aresult of a crime is a?


What do you call a person who saw a crime?

a witness

What did Melville call man's foulest crime?