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Many political scientists and historians claim that the US Constitution has served as a model for many new governments that were established from the early part of the twentieth century onwards. This does not infer that all new governments are republics like the United States. What has happened is that the rights of citizens guaranteed in the US Constitution, such as freedom of speech, became part of the government structures that were parliamentary in structure, as well as those governments that are republics.

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US Constitution

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Q: What document outlines a plan for government that has served as a model for new governments around the world?
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What does the us constitution considered to be a living document mean?

It is not! It a document that was created over 200 years a go by the founding fathers, that was the guide to the laws in this land

What is the difference between the government when the founding fathers were around and the government now?

i am pretty sure that when the founding fathers were around we had a government that would talk more and work togeher bettter than now!

What are 10 reasons you know you are a federalist?

The Federalist Party believes in a strong national (federal) government with powers over the state governments. They also believed they should have a strong central government that should revolve around business and industry. The Federalists left a lasting imprint as they fashioned a strong new government with a sound financial base, and decisively shaped Supreme Court policies for another three decades. Also because the Federalist Party was diverse. The Federalist Party collectively believes in a Government run with integrity, with decorum, and ultimately for success.

What are some forms of government around the world?

Different forms of governments around the world include dictatorship, totalitarian, theocracy, monarchy, parliamentary, republic, anarchy, capitalist, socialist, communist, oligarchy, and revolutionary. The USA has a republic form of government.

What are modern day anti-federalists?

All anti-federalists (past and present) are centered around the same basic principal, which is being against the federal government. A good example of founding father who was anti-fed. is Thomas Jefferson, who believed in small local governments. Today, possibly the most popular anti-federalist is Ron Paul, who wants to end the federal reserve, and many other federal programs, with hopes to strengthen our economy, and put power into the hands of state governments.

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What is the name of the document that the US government is built around?

The US government is built around the constitution.

What is the European government?

There is no European government. Europe is a continent, not a country. It has around 50 countries, all with their own governments.

What do government do?

The government help every thing like school money to place around the world the government had deal on the money around the world. that what government means

How do governments get their just or rightful powers?

The US government derives it power and legitimacy from its people; our government system is works around the idea of democracy.

What is the foundation of British government and of constitutional governments around the world?

Magna Carta? Doing eSchool? lol

Great britains great contribution to modern governments around the world is the development of which system of government?

a paliamentary system

Who regulates the banks?

The government. Most governments around the world have specific agencies that look after bank regulation, but it depends on the country.

How does the government mould and build the country?

The government doesn't mold a country, but the people do within the country. Governments are instituted to serve the people not the other way around. A government is only as good as its citizens.

What are two things the government does with your tax money?

Keeping in mind that all governments are different in countries around the world, two things that most governments spend tax money on are:transportation and roadspolice and military

Why is income tax important for the government?

income tax is one of the most important source of government revenue. in us around 31% and UK around 29% of government revenue comes from income tax . this is the biggest source of governments revenue. this is only one of many imporatnce.

How does Romans republican government influenced modern governments in the west?

the Romans created the form of government known as a republic of representative democracy this is the most used government type in the world today amongst countries. about every country has this form of government.

Great Britain's great contribution to modern governments around the world is the development of which system of government?

Britain's great contribution to modern government was the development of the parliamentary system. Under the system, constituents elect members of parliament to represent them in government.