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Different forms of governments around the world include Dictatorship, totalitarian, theocracy, monarchy, parliamentary, republic, anarchy, capitalist, socialist, communist, oligarchy, and revolutionary. The USA has a republic form of government.

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They are as follow; 1. Democracy (U.S. A.) 2.Constitutional Monarchy (England G.B.) 3. Communism (China) 4. Teocratic (Iran)

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there are various kinds of governements which are: Democracy, Republic, Monarchy, Aristocracy and Dictatorship.

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parliamentary form of govt. , presidential form of govt. , monarchy and communist govt.

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Q: What are some forms of government around the world?
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If the US Constitution works so well why do all countries not adopt it?

Not all countries are democratic. The world is filled with many different forms of government and some are good while others aren't.

What are some examples in the real world that deal with the struggle between local governments and the federal government?

Medical marijuana

Which statement best summarizes why the government sometimes places limits on the First Amendment right to freedom of speech?

some forms of speech can directly harm other citizens or put them in danger

Does the government help us?

Yes, if your government is a democracy then this government will have been chosen (for a 4/5 year term) by the majority of people in your country in a free and fair election. It is therefore to be expected that this government will be doing what most of the people in your country want to be done. Therefore by definition the government will have your interests at heart. With other forms of government the situation is not so clear, but in general where government is not based on some form of majority consent, government tends to be self serving and looks to maintaining the interests of an elite rather than the general populace.

From what source to governments draw their just power?

That depends on what form of government is being practised in the country where the question is being asked. * In a democracy the government draws its power from the will of the people. * In a monarchy the government is appointed, or administered by a hereditary ruler who make claim their birth gives the the right to rule. * In a theocracy the government is run by priests in the name of their God. * In a plutocracy the wealthy exercise power as they would say that they are the ones who both pay for the state's expenditures and who create employment and wealth. There are many other forms of government all claiming to draw their power justly from some source or for some valid reason

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What are some limited forms of government?

Limited forms of government include:democracyrepublicconstitutional monarchy

Why do some people think capitalism is the best form of government?

Capitalism is not a form of government. Communism is not a form of government. Socialism is not a form of government. All three of those are economic forms, not forms of government.

In some forms of government the head of state is called the?

the channcellor

Why were france and germany enemies?

They had conflicting interests, different allies, different forms of government and some harsh feelings after the Franco-Prussia War.

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Did the Greek civilization have some form of government?

Many forms of government from Democracy to Tyranny Meritocracy and Aristocracy to Plutocracy.

Who are some Member of house of representatives?

There are at least 24 countries around the world with a chamber of government called The House of Representatives.

What are some land forms around Ukraine?


Name the forms of government that fall under the category of autocracy?

The forms of government are aligarchy and democracy

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The houses in Russia are similar to those that are found around the world. Some specific towns will have older homes in traditional forms.

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Who believed law should rule government?

Well, throughout history some examples of people believing in Legalist forms of government included Draco from Greece, Machiavelli from Italy, and even Locke. Legalist forms of government originally started in China.