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Beowulf told Wiglaf to go and bring him the dragons "treasure", this is for an unselfish reason, he wanted to give thanks to God that he would have that treasure for his people, he would feel better knowing that his people will still has prosperity after his death

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The treasure which the dragon protects.

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Q: What does Beowulf want to see before he dies?
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Why does Beowulf want Wiglaf to bring him the jewels from the fire dragon's castle?

Beowulf wants Wiglaf to bring him the jewels as a reward for defeating the fire dragon and avenging his people. He also wants to see the treasure before he dies, knowing that his time is running out. Additionally, Beowulf wants to leave a legacy for his people and display his wealth and power.

What request does Beowulf make at the end of Part 37?

Beowulf requests that his warriors gather up all the treasures he won during the battle with the dragon, so he can see them before he dies. He also asks them to build a tall tower on the coast as a memorial to him.

Where does grendel die in Beowulf?

He dies in the sea-cave lair of his mother. The open wound of his armless shoulder leads the Danes and the Geats with Beowulf to the spot, but they do not actually see the body at that time. Only after the second attack on Heorot does Beowulf find Grendel's body, at which point (presumably not longer protected by his charms as in life) Beowulf cuts off Grendel's head and returns with it to Heorot.

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What was Beowulf's problem in the retelling by Robert nye?

he needed a robe because he didnt want his servants to see him when he entered the shower

Why does Beowulf allow Grendel to slaughter one of the Geats before taking action?

Beowulf allows Grendel to slaughter one of the Geats to provoke Grendel into attacking him directly, as Grendel had been avoiding confrontation with Beowulf. Beowulf wanted to face Grendel head-on to prove his strength and heroism.

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What was Beowulf's last request?

Beowulf's dying wish was to see the treasure that he and Wiglaf won from the dragon they killed, and he made Wiglaf his heir to the throne as he dies. Beowolfs last wish was to be respected and seen as a hero. He wanted the public to have pride in him.

What does Beowulf see on the wall?

A painting of a fox.

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