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The direct result of an action

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Q: What does Causation mean in law terms?
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What does causation mean in math terms?

It means the same as in ordinary English.

Is a law of Universal Causation a consequence of Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation?

causation was before gravitation and gravitation is relative where as causation is sourced from the first I would posit that gravitation is the consequence of a subsequent cause

What are some synonyms for causation?

Causation means the act of causing something to happen. Causation can also mean the effect of making something to happen or to create something as an effect.

What terms mean not signing a bill into law?


What has the author Douglas Hodgson written?

Douglas Hodgson has written: 'Individual Duty Within a Human Rights Discourse (Applied Legal Philosophy)' 'The law of intervening causation' -- subject(s): Causation, Liability (Law)

What does applicable mean in law terms?

It means it doesn't apply

Is law of causation a form of law of nature?

Yes, the law of causation is considered a fundamental principle within the broader scope of natural laws. It posits that every event is caused by a preceding event, establishing a causal relationship between actions and their consequences. This principle helps to explain the order and predictability observed in nature.

What does statistics mean in math terms?

A mathematical expression of a natural law.

A government passes a law increasing taxes on banks . Two days later there are several bank robberies. A politician who opposed the taxes claims that the new law is causing bank robberies?

The answer would be: It confuses correlation with causation.

What is the meaning of conjure in terms of law?

The meaning of conjure in terms of law is to present something through invocation. It can also be used to mean to swear an oath or join in an oath.

In terms of Law what does canvass mean?

To canvas means to cover an area to completion.

What is a causation chart?

What is a causation Chart?