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In his farewell address what local issues does Washington warn us about?

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Q: What does Washington warn us about local issues?
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What are some local issues in the US?

too many people

What 3 things did Washington warn about in his farewell address?

President Washington advised that the US stay neutral (no fighting/wars),stay away from fighting in political parties, and stay out of debt. He warned about political parties and debt

How many US states allow citizens to vote directly on issues of public policy?

All of them. There are state and local issues that are voted on.

Why does the government issue bonds?

The local government of the US issues bonds to pay for permanent improvements.

In the US, who issues papers to fund the money market?

In the United States, federal, state and local governments all issue paper to meet funding needs States and local governments issue municipal paper. US Treasury issues Treasury bills to fund the US public debt.

How did the taming of animals help society?

Dogs protect us from and warn us about "visitors", geese make noises to warn us of "visitors", and the animal at zoos enlighten us as to the wonderful world we are surrounded by.

Does Washington D.C. follow the US Constitution?

Yes. Washington DC, like all US land is bound by the US Constitution. In fact the Supreme Court and many Federal Appellate courts are based in Washington DC.Washington DC does have local ordinances, but these must follow all tests for constitutionality.

In today's world a direct democracy only workable at the smallest local level why is such a government not possible at the state and National levels?

because all Americans can't go to Washington DC and listen to discusses and vote on proposed issues instead we have to elect people to do that for us

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What did President George Washington warn against in his Farewell Address in 1796?

Upon leaving the office of US president, President George Washington warned to nation to avoid foreign alliances. He was mainly referring to alliances with the European powers. It was belief that the US had little to gain by becoming involved in European wars. Forming alliances would undoubtedly led to wars, the US should avoid.

What was the issues surrounding the US?

What was the issues surrounding the US?

Do you know anything about a 4c George Washington Revenue Stamp?

Revenue stamps are referred to as "Back of the Book" issues. There are many collectors interested in them. The US Specialized Catalog from Scott's will show the various issues and their values.