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Witnessing against ourselves in a court trail

it gives us a grand jury for our trail

and it states that our property can not be taken for public use without compensation

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It protects us from self incrimination.

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Q: What does amendment 5 of the constitution protect us from?
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What does Admendment 5 of the US Constitution guarantee or protect?

Your right to not testify in court against yourself. If your testimony will incriminate you, or find you guilty, you have the right to take the fifth amendment and choose not testify.

Was the constitution of the United States a joke?

The US Constitution was a joke from January 29, 1919, when the 18th amendment was ratified, until December 5, 1933, when the 21st amendment was ratified.

What article of constitution outlines the process of amending the constitution?

Amendment 5. Cheers!

Is it against the constitution to put a time limit on the ratification of an amendment?

Per article V (5) of the US Constitution; there is not a time limit on the amendment process, although one may be in statute(s) or procedural rules later adopted by Congress or the Senate.

How many individual freedoms does the First Amendment protect?


What has been the to the method for adding an amendment to the constitution?

Article 5 gives the process of amending the US Constitution. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives, in the US Congress, approve by a two-third majority voting. This is a joint resolution that amends the constitution. By this the Presidents signature is not required.

Which amendment to the constitution states that you do not have to provide living quarters for soldiers?


How is the Nigerian Constitution amended?

Nigeria constitution can be amend through th following process 1 by legislative procedures 2 by referendum amendment 3 federal amendment 4 judicial amendment 5 conventional and custom amendment 6 coup d'etat amendment

What is the main purpose of article 6 of the constitution?

Article V of US constitution deals with the procedure of introducing amendments in US constitution. It entails that both houses of US Congress must pass the said amendment with a two third majority after which the amendment is sent to states for ratification.

Which amendment may be proposed by a national convention called by Congress at the request of two-thirds of the states?

The ability to propose a amendment to the United States Constitution by having two-thirds of the states request a national convention is found in Article 5 of the Constitution. Article 5 gives instructions on how changes can be made to the Constitution.

Which amendment is guaranteed the rights to a trial by jury?

the brooke snd sierra trials cause there the ones that help people and tells them to keep going

Which branch of congress has the power to ratify an amendment to the constitution?

No branch of Congress ratifies an amendment. 2/3s of both houses (House and Senate) propose an amendment and send the proposed amendment out to the states for ratification. 3/4s of the states are needed to "ratify" an amendment. This is found in Article 5 of the Constitution.