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to take away
confiscate means to take or with hold an item from someone

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Items with intelligence value, weapons, ammunition, and other inappropriate items.

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to take somthing away from someone that's not yours

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Q: What does confiscation mean?
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Are there any historical events that occurred at the Arlington house?

Yes,the confiscation of a private estate by the U.S. gov't. Arlington was the private residence of Robert E. Lee and his wife. The Federal Army occupied the property and Lee's son had to sue the U.S. gov't. after the war and was granted payment for the property which was being used as a cemetery.

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What is the difference between expropriation and confiscation?

expropriation means seizure of private property by the government after paying compensation. confiscation is similar as expropriation, but confiscation does not involve such payments.

What is the Antonym for restitution?


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What is land confiscation?

Confiscation is the taking of private property for public use without compensation. See below link:

Does the hr2847 bill allow gov confiscation beginning July 1st 2014?

Does the hr 2847 bill allow gov confiscation

Where did the United states get money to fund for the Revolutionary war?

it is the confiscation

Difference between seizure and confiscation in essential commodities act1955?

In the Essential Commodities Act, 1955, seizure refers to the act of taking possession of essential commodities deemed to be unlawfully held or hoarded. Confiscation, on the other hand, involves permanently depriving the violator of their rights to the seized commodities as a penalty for the offense.

What are the release dates for Theater Class - 2009 Confiscation 1-2?

Theater Class - 2009 Confiscation 1-2 was released on: USA: 31 May 2009

What is the English meaning of the Malayalam word gepthi?

confiscation, distrainment

What are the risks of animal cruelty?

what do you mean what are the risks?? i hope to god you aren't abusing anything alive, or dead for that matter! the risks would be confiscation of the animal, heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

How long can the cps take in enforcing a confiscation order?

21 seconds

What was passed by Lincoln with encouragement from thaddeus Stevens?

Confiscation Acts (1864)