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The social dimension of education refers to the interactions that students have with other students and adults. They lean how to follow rules, develop friendships, and work in cooperative groups.

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Q: What does social dimension of education mean?
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What is your reflection of social dimension in education?

reflection of social dimension in education?

What is social dimensions of educations?

social demension is a cheeche of education

Different theory of social dimension of education?

functionalis theory

What are you expectation on social dimension of education?

I expect the social dimension of education to foster inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration among students. It should cultivate empathy, communication skills, and respectful interactions to prepare individuals for a multicultural society. Additionally, it should provide opportunities for students to engage in community service and develop a sense of social responsibility.

What is the primary dimension of social class?

The primary dimension of social class is typically based on a person's socioeconomic status, which includes factors such as income, occupation, education level, and wealth. These elements help determine an individual's position within the social hierarchy and influence their access to resources and opportunities.

What does the medical term dimension mean?

In a radiology report, dimension means the same as in lay language: one measurement of two or three. In psychosocial terms, it might refer to one aspect of a patient's life (e.g. social dimension, spiritual dimension).

What are the dimension of curriculum development in education?

historical, psychological, theological, methodological dimension

What is the 3 kinds of dimentions of health?

1.physical dimension 2.mental dimension dimension

What dimension of health is your strength?


Why is gender an important dimension of social stratification?

Gender is a significant dimension of social stratification because it influences the distribution of power, opportunities, and resources in society. Oftentimes, women are marginalized and face discrimination due to their gender, leading to unequal access to education, employment, healthcare, and political representation. Addressing gender inequalities is essential for promoting a more equitable and just society.

Explain in brief what are the ethical and social dimension of IT?

the ethical and social of it is good ethicall and socilally

What s social dimension?

The social dimension refers to the interactions and relationships between individuals or groups within a society. It includes aspects such as social norms, cultural practices, social institutions, and structures that shape and influence the behavior and experiences of people within a community. The social dimension is important for understanding how individuals connect with each other and how societies function as a whole.