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The effect of a tabling a bill in committee enables the members to discuss the bill. It is important for the bill to have a person who proposes it and the second you who seconds it.

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I might be mistaken but I think tabling the bill, is either leaving it open to vote or holding it until another comittee

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Q: What effect does tabling a bill in a committee have?
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Tabling a bill means that it is placed on a table for discussion?


What was on-its-toes committee that considers a bill?

a committee considers the bill's

When does a bill produced to the committee members go to the rules committee?

after the bill has been approved by a committee

Once a bill is assigned to committee which of these steps may not occur while in committee?

the committee passes the bill to a conference committee

What does a committee or subcommittee do during markup?

A committee or subcommittee reviews the bill and suggests amendments if needed. The subcommittee or committee will then accept or reject the bill. If the subcommittee accepts the bill, it is then forwarded as is to the committee. When the committee accepts the bill, it will issue in an official report or official bill print.

To set aside a bill so that it will die?

The process that will set aside a bill so that it will die in the legislature is called tabling. This does not mean that a bill will die, but it puts and end to discussion about a bill for the time being.

A process by which a committee revises a bill?

Markup is a process in which a subcommittee or a committee revises a bill that has been introduced. The committee also considers the bill in this process.

What can a senate committee member member do to a bill while it is in committee?

Hold Hearings On The Bill

Who decides which bill goes to the committee?

The committees decide if the bill is "good" or not to become a law.

Once a bill is assigned to a committee which of these steps may not occur?

The committee passes the bill to another committee in the other house of Congress.

What happens to a House bill after it is reported by the full committee?

One a bill is reported, the committee sends the report back to the chamber and the bill is placed on the calendar. When the bill is sent back to the chamber it will have a written statement with it telling why the committee is in favor of the bill. There may also be a statement from those on the committee who oppose the bill.

A bill has just been passed by a Senate committee. Where the bill go next?

to a conference committee