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Standing Committee

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Q: When a bill is proposed which committee does it go through for consideration?
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Who is a proposed bill referred to after its introduction through the congressional leaders?

Standing committee IS WRONG! It's the lead committee

Which house committee studied representative Atkins's proposed bill?

The conference committee

Which house committee studied representatives Atkin's proposed bill?

The conference committee

The first committee to review a tax bill is the?

Once a tax bill has been introduced to the House of Representatives, it then moves to the House of Representatives Committee that best fits the type of tax being proposed. From there, if found to be worthy of future consideration, it then moves to the applicable subcommittee.

A proposed idea presented to the legislature for consideration?

it is a bill

After its introduction congressional leaders usually refer a proposed bill to?

the relevant committee or committees for review and consideration. These committees are responsible for analyzing the bill, holding hearings, gathering input from experts and stakeholders, and making amendments or modifications to the bill if necessary. Upon completion of the review process, the committee will then vote on whether to report the bill to the full chamber for further consideration and potential passage.

What does the speaker of the house do to a proposed bill?

The speaker of the house can announce a proposed bill to a committee made up of government officials. The bill can then be voted on to see if it should be passed.

Where do congressional leaders usually refer a proposed bill after its introduction?

A standing committee

Who can submit a bill for congressional consideration?

An idea for a bill can come from anywhere but the bill must be proposed by a member of congress.

What is the formal discussion of a bill?

A formal discussion of a bill in a legislative body typically involves a series of readings, debates, and votes. It includes the introduction of the bill, committee review, floor debate, possible amendments, and a final vote to pass or reject the bill. This process allows for thorough examination and consideration of the proposed legislation.

What does it mean that a bill is a proposed law?

that has reached committee for debate. This is the wrong answer I research this its For any Law

Where are revisions to bills made?

A legislative bill goes through an intensive process and is revised during the committee section. After the bill has been voted on by the full committee, they will hold a mark-up section in which the bill is revised and edited. If substantial amendments are made, the committee can order the introduction of a "clean bill" which will include the proposed amendments. This new bill will have a new number and will be sent to the floor while the old bill is discarded. The chamber must approve, change or reject all committee amendments before conducting a final passage vote.