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A standing committee

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Q: Where do congressional leaders usually refer a proposed bill after its introduction?
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After its introduction congressional leaders usually refer a proposed bill to?

the relevant committee or committees for review and consideration. These committees are responsible for analyzing the bill, holding hearings, gathering input from experts and stakeholders, and making amendments or modifications to the bill if necessary. Upon completion of the review process, the committee will then vote on whether to report the bill to the full chamber for further consideration and potential passage.

Who keeps a record of all Congressional bills?

the bank usually keeps the records of all congressional bills. hope it helps!

When did congressional sessions begin?

In 1933 Congressional session started commencing in January. Prior to that year, sessions usually began in the fall (December mostly) and usually adjourned by summer (March mostly).

Who are the boundaries of US congressional districts are usually determined by?

state legislatures

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Social movement leaders are informal or formal?

Social movement leaders can be either informal or formal, depending on the organization and structure of the movement. Informal leaders emerge naturally within the group based on their influence, skills, or passion for the cause, while formal leaders are appointed or elected to specific leadership positions within the movement. Both types of leaders play important roles in shaping the direction and outcomes of social movements.

What is the single most important fact about congressional elections?

Incumbents usually win.

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Federal congressional districts are usually State legislative districts?

much larger than

What happens to proposed legislation that has been tabled?

It usually dies where it is.

A government that elects there own leaders?

A republic will usually be run by citizen-elected leaders.