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The federal Department of Commerce.

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Q: What government body would be responsible for laws that related to trade between two states?
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Who was most responsible for the conflict between Native Americans and The US government?

The United States Government.

Who is responsible for declare war?

Usually, the government of the country is responsible for declaring war. In the United States of America, the Department of Defense is responsible for declaring wars.

What level of government is responsible for giving charters to banks and corporations?

The federal government and the states.

What level government is responsible for giving charters to banks and corporations?

The federal government and the states.

Most local officials are?

The United States government has many different levels. One level is the local government. The local government is responsible for the towns, counties, and states.

Is NASA a technical term?

No, NASA is an acronym. It stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration and is the name of the government agency responsible for the space program and all related endeavors in the United States.

What was related to the issue of states' rights?

The Kentucky and Virginia resolutions.It is the U.S. state governments that were related to the issue of states rights, and not the federal government.

What feature of the U.S. government is based on the principle of federalism?

the division of powers between the federal government and the states. hope that helps.

What branch of the federal government is responsible for auto insurance?

None, insurance is regulated by states.

Who was responsible for appointing the government of the states formed through the northwest ordinance of 1787?


1 What government agency is responsible for making topographic maps in the United States?


What are the three branches of parts of the government?

the three branches of government are: Legislative - made up of the senate and the house of representatives and responsible for proposing and passing laws Executive - made up of the president and departments that help run the government and responsible for making sure that laws are obeyed Judicial - made up of all the courts in the nation and responsible for interpreting laws, punishing criminals, and settling arguments between states :)