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A compromise

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Q: What helped break a deadlock at the constitutional convention?
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What is the Vice president's only constitutional responsibility?

to break a tie in the senate

How did Thomas Paine's Common Sense change public opinion in the colonies?

Common Sense helped convince many Americans that a complete break with Britain was necessary

How did shays rebellion influence the writing of the US constitution?

Shay's Rebellion is most significant to the development of the U.S. Constitution, primarily due to the timing of it's occurrence. The new republican experiment in America it was argued was on the verge of failure. Border disputes between states, economic wars over taxation, and confusion over jurisdiction threatened to break apart the Confederation Congress in favor of regionalized governments forming two to four separate national governments. For example, in Massachusetts where the rebellion was occurring there was discussion that the New England states would form their own nation, as would the Mid-Atlantic and the Southern states. The rebellion itself was greatly embellished at the time, with initial reports indicating that Daniel Shay's had as many as 12,000 men prepared to march on Boston. Most historians now have found that the number was closer to 1,200, and that they were in no way capable of a successful march. However, the military implications aside, the rebellion convinced many prominent Americans that the Articles of Confederation needed amending, or a radical change in favor of a unified national government. Shay's Rebellion became the catalyst that prompted James Madison to solicit, and convince George Washington to lend his prominence to a convention that would discuss the amending of the Articles. In fact, Shay's Rebellion, in perhaps a stronger way than Madison's argument coaxed Washington from retirement, and that Convention did occur, and ultimately became the Constitutional Convention creating the U.S. Constitution.

Why were there four parties and candidates in the presidential election of 1860?

The root cause was the break-up of the old parties by the slavery question. The Whigs split in 1856 and did not field a candidate. A new party, the Republicans was formed from northern Whigs and anti-slavery factions. The southern whigs and others Southerners formed a new Constitutional Union Party. The Democrats split into north and south and nominated two candidates.

Did all colonists want to break from England?

No actually in he begenning a majority did not want to break away from England they were called loyalist or tories

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What help break the deadlock at the constitutional convention?

A compromise

Why was there a deadlock over the form of the new government how did the constitution convention break that deadlock?

Connecticut compromise

Who helped break the deadlock at Boston by bringing in artillery and from where did he bring the artillery?

Colonal Henry Knox , He retrieved the captured a British cannons from Fort Ticonderoga.

Sentence using deadlock?

Peacekeepers tried to break the deadlock between the two waring nations, but failed, and the war continued. A deadlock is a situation in which two or more competing actions are each waiting for the other to finish, and thus neither ever does. Search Google for info on deadlock in computers.

What is the great coalition?

the great coalition is about George brown aligning with John A Macdonald and George-Étienne Cartier to from a coalition government. This helped break the political deadlock, this also helped to pass laws and get more things in Canada done. the coalition was formed in 1864

What is a stand-off that neither side can break?

A stand-off that neither side is able to break could be referred to as a stalemate. It can be used as a noun or a verb, and synonyms include impasse, and deadlock.

What help break a deadlocked convention?

Henry Knox

How did the central powers and allies try to break the deadlock caused by trench warfare?

Sometimes you like to have sex with strangers but its better to do that with someone you know.

What percentage of votes needed to pass a bill in the house of representatives Australia?

A simple majority is needed, in the event of a tie the speaker will vote to break the deadlock.

Discuss the meaning of breakdown of constitutional machinery?

to break the rule of constitution.

How did general john monash use tanks in battle?

Yes, he was one of the first to see that tanks and aircraft had to coordinate with artillery and infantry on the modern battlefield to break the deadlock of trench warfare.

What did Zayn Malik break?

the tables. i helped him.