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David McGuinty the Liberal MP? I think he's about 180 cm.

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Q: What is David mcguinty height?
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When was David McGuinty born?

David McGuinty was born on 1960-02-25.

Who is Ontario's representative?

Ontario's head of government is Premier Dalton McGuinty. Its Lieutenant Governor is David Onley.

What is the birth name of Dalton McGuinty?

Dalton McGuinty's birth name is Dalton James Patrick McGuinty Jr..

Is Dalton Mcguinty municipal?

No, Dalton McGuinty was a provincial politican.

What does Dalton McGuinty do as Premier of Ontario?

Dalton McGuinty raises taxes as the Premier of Ontario.

Is Dalton McGuinty circumcized?

Given his age and place of birth, it is highly likely that Dalton McGuinty is circumcised.

Who is the Mayor of Pickering Ontario?

Wayne ArthursThe Premier of Ontario, Canada is Dalton James Patrick McGuinty, Jr.

Who is preimier of Ontario?

dalton mcguinty

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Where does Dalton mcguinty live?


What is the name of Dalton mcguinty to the legislature?


How tall is Dalton mcguinty?