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A)trade in services.

B)trade in goods.

C)the buying and selling of bonds, securities, currencies, and other financial instruments.


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Q: What is Most of the daily international flow of money is due to?
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What are the barriers in the flow of international comunication?

There are many barriers that may stop the flow of communication in international areas. Different languages and a time difference can delay or stop international communications.

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What is cash-flow and what affects it?

Cash flow is money coming in and money going out. If you arent getting any cash to flow then you dont have a cash flow. Say you had a great job making a lot of money.... you had money coming in because you were working.... well your money was also going out because you were buying things you wanted. Then you lost your great job. Your cash flow stopped.... you now have to budget your money. You still have a cash flow as long as you are spending that money. Once you run out of money you no longer have a cash flow.

Total flow of money into a country less the total flow of money out of the country?

Balance of payments

What is the different between money flow and a real flow?

Real flows are actual goods, services and resources flowing from one sector to another, usually in exchange for money through money flows. e.g: Households provide labor to producers (a real flow) in exchange for wages (a money flow). Households then use their income as consumer spending (a money flow) in exchange for goods and services from the producer (real flow).

What is circular flow model for an open economy?

it is a flow that shows the flow of money openly

Which country has the most money?

The Republic of China has the most government money. It has positive money flow while U.S. is in negative. The u.s. has lots of debt and China has cleared most of it's debt. U.S.'s debt comes near 14 trillion dollars.

Which way does money flow in the circular flow?

From the product market to households.

What had made international trade flow smoothly?

Valuing currencies in terms of given amounts of gold, however, had given currencies stable values that made international trade flow smoothly.

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What does the term cash flow refer to?

Cash flow refers to both money being spent and money earned for a business or an individual's personal finances. A positive cash flow is when you are earning more money than pay out.