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Farmers have a cash flow problem. They only have money after harvest. They felt that an increased money supply would allow them a chance to get a loan that they could pay back after harvest.

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Q: Why did farmers think that an increased money supply would help solve their economic problems?
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What were two results of the increased food supply during the neolithic age?

Farmers and Herders

What economic problems did the colony of Massachusetts bay deal with?

Supply & demand.

During the 19th century American farmers supported an economic policy of expanding the money supply because this generally favors?


What resources issue caused problems between miner ranchers and farmers in the west?

Limited water supply

How biogas can supply farmers with energy they need?

by the forms of energy the biogas supply farmers with the energy they need.

How did supply and demand affect farmers?

The farmers did not earn much.

How did irrigation help the farmers?

Irrigation helped farmers by providing a reliable water source for their crops, especially in areas with limited rainfall. This ensured a consistent supply of water to promote crop growth and increase yields, leading to improved food production and economic stability for farmers.

How biogas can supply farmers with energy?

Biogas can supply the farmers with the energy they need because biogas is a flammable gas that help the farmers,biogas supply farmers by the HEAT ENERGY that help the farmers to get the energy they need in planting,like sun biogas give a HEAT ENERGY that what plants needed in heat energy from the SUN.

What were some of the problems with the agricultrue during the 1920's?

New technology helped send farmers into debt

How did irrigation help the Sumerian farmers?

Irrigation helped Sumerian farmers by providing a reliable water supply for their crops, allowing them to grow more food and support a larger population. It also helped prevent droughts and increased agricultural productivity by controlling water flow to fields.

What problems did peasants face?

Farmers of the West and South were a mainstay of support for the Populist Party. Populists and farmers opposed the gold standard and favored the printing of more "greenbacks" backed by silver, not gold. They believed this would open up more affordable credit to the urban areas. The farmers and Populists believed in government regulation of railroads and banks. This would aid the farmer in dealing with rates for shipping his goods to market. They also favored collective economic action against farm products brokers, railroads, and merchants.

What is an example that displays the law of supply?

An example of the Law of Supply is: The price of an object increased, so the quantity supplied of that object also increased.