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Q: What is President Bush's blood type?
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What was George w bushs legacy?

to be president.

What was George HW Bushs accomplishments?

Probably getting elected President was his biggest accomplishment.

Which of these was one of president george w bushs campaign promises to give raises to?

The military

Who was president bushs national security advisor during his first team?

George Washington George Washington

What is ex-president bushs annual government pension?

Not enough for what he lead us through as a country and the scourges he endured due to the media....

Is barack obama better than president bush and president bushs father?

I would say so; but a lot of it is just opinion. A republican would likely say that President Obama was worse. A democrat in contrast would likely say President Bush was worse.

What is George bushs middle?


In the 1988 presidential campaign George Bushs attacks on Michael Dukakis were at least in part successful because of President Reagans?

Sucess in promoting conservatism over liberism

What is reggie bushs yime on the 40?


What is George Bushs favourite colour?


How do you know if gene therapy is successful?


What was george H W bushs erm of office?

George H.W. Bush served as the 41st President of the United States from 1989 to 1993.