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It is called Gerrymandering.

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Q: What is a Drawing voting district boundaries within a state to favor one party or group over another is called?
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Drawing voting district boundaries within a state to favor one party or group over one another is called what?

It is called Gerrymandering.

What is to redistrict?

A political unit such as a state is divided into districts for the purpose of electing representatives to a legislative body. If the basis of election is population, with equal number of people represented by each elected member, the boundaries of the district must be changed after each census if the population changes. This is called redistricting (drawing new district boundaries).

Drawing political boundaries to benefit a candidate or party is called?


What is the practice of drawing district line that favor a particular group of people called?

It is called gerrymandering.

What word describes the practice of the political party with the majority in a state legislative drawing a district's boundaries to gain an advantage in an election?


The practice of drawing district lines to gain political advantage is called?

Gerrymandering or reapportionment

Illegally drawing district lines to favor one political party is called?


When state legislatures draw us House of Representatives district boundaries to benefit a political party it is called?


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What is Drawing political boundaries to benefit a candidate or party?

Redrawing the boundary lines to benefit a candidate or party is called gerrymandering. The name comes from the governor of Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry, who, in 1812, manipulated boundaries to favor his own party.

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