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A government formed only of five people is an example of an oligarchy. This form of government occurs when only a few people govern the rest.

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Pentarchy is the answer.

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Q: What is a government with 5 people?
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What is a government of 5 people?


What are the 5 Natural Rights?

1. All men are created equal. 2. All have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 3. Government gets its right to govern from the people. 4. If government is unjust, or violates the people's rights, the people can overthrow the government and start another. 5. The people need to throw off a government that limits the power of the people.

What is government in which the people rule?

It is a democracy, in which the Government is voted into power by the people during a General Election for a set period (usually 4 - 5 years).

How many people are in Mexico's government?

From a workforce of 52.7 million people (2013), 5% or some 2.6 million work in the government and armed forces.

What does Stanton believe to be the fundamental principle of government?

there are 5 pillars of the fundamental principle of government 1 is consent of the government 2 limited government, government is not all powerful it only has authortiy to do what the people give them the power do 3 rule of law- no one is above the law even government 4 democracy-the people rule and the peole vote ang majority rules 5 repersentive government- when the people are representated in government Stanton thinks Daniela's hot

What are the 5 fundamental principles of humanities?

Consent of the Governed - the people give power to the government Rule of Law - people mush follow the law Representative Government - elect people to represent governmant Democracy - power of people to vote their desires Limited Government - government only has specific amout of power

Do Vietnamese people vote?

adventually they vote 5 times a year because the vietnamese people dont always want the same president/government a hole 5 yrs

What is government fund?

Government funding is when the government funds a cause, charity, business, or product that is meant to help the general public. Government funding has gone to hundreds of people in the past 5 years alone in the US.

5 ways in which the government can ensure that the help it offers is received only by the people who are in need?

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Who are the people of government?

the people of the government is everyone.

Why can it be argued that a government is an employee of the people?

because the people choose the government and the government is to protect the people

Why can it argued that the government is an employee of the people?

because the people choose the government and the government is to protect the people