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International Affairs.

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Q: What is a nation's relationship with other countries called?
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Which nations does china have a positive relationship with?

Burma/Myanmar, Thailand, North Korea, Vietnam, and other countries in this locality.

What are Pakistan's relations with other nations?

pakistan have shared good relations to most of countries but have strained relationship with india..

Policy of trading with other countries is called?

The policy used in trading with other countries is called the commercial policy. It is a set of rules and regulations used in trade between nations.

What type of relationship does England have with other countries?

England has a friendly relationship with Ireland, the United States, Germany, and Australia, among many others. The country has permanent membership in the United Nations.

Which offices focus on nations relationship with other countries?

The Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs or State Department typically focuses on a nation's relationship with other countries. This office is responsible for diplomacy, international relations, and managing foreign policy initiatives to strengthen diplomatic ties and advance national interests on the global stage.

Why Ghana cooperates with other nations especially in the area of health?

to foster closer ties or relationship with other nations in order to promote peace among nations.

When nations trade with other nations it is called?


What is a set of plans for guiding our nations relationships with other countries?

A nation's overall plan for dealing with other nations is called its foreign policy. This policy is designed to protect the interests of the nation.

What are the relationship with Jordan and other countries?


What relationship does Jamaica have with other countries?

The Marleys

Did other nations or countries make totem poles?


What organization sends peacekeepers to other countries?

United Nations