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Political injustice is being discriminated as a result of disagreeing with various political stands. For instance, being arrested for opposing some government policies is a political injustice.

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Q: What is a political injustice?
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What are all the types of injustice?

moral injustice social injustice political injustice racial injustice religious injustice cultural injustice

What injustice did muckracker Lincoln steffens uncover?

political corruption

What is the prophetic principle?

The prerequisite of political stability is a social justice, for it is in the nature of things that injustice will not endure.

Who spoke up against political injustice in El Salvador before being martyred?

Oscar Romero

In the injustice game is it canon?

Injustice Injustice 2

Who was a historical figure who did civil disobedience to provoke and promote positive change in response to a social or political injustice?

Mahatma Gandhi

What best describes the global effect of the shooting in Sharpeville Africa?

The shootings publicized the real effect of apartheid, creating an unjust and unequal political and social system. Nova Net Answer ---> The injustice of apartheid became a global concern.

Who most greatfuly influenced martin Luther king jrs thinking about how political action could be employed to combat injustice?

Mohandas Gandhi

Why do gay people in the West often support the political groups outside of the West that criminalize homosexuality?

Gay people in the west seldom support political groups that criminalize homosexuality. But if you are talking about Muslims, gay people tend to dislike injustice, and regardless of a person's religious beliefs, no one should have to suffer injustice, not even those who hate gay people.

Which is more popular minecraft or injustice?


What part of speech is injustice?

Injustice is a noun.

Meaning of injustice?

Lack of fairness or injustice