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Many states have passed laws that require harsher sentences for a person who has committed more than one felony. Some states have mandatory sentences, like the three strikes and you're out law. Other states make committing the same misdemeanor more than once a felony carrying a much stiffer punishment.

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Q: What is a sentence for habitual?
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How you use the word habitual in a sentence?

He took his habitual place at the dinner table.

What is a sentence using grovel and habitual?

You wouldn't have to grovel if you would just correct your habitual tardiness.

What does Habitué Mean?

Sentence example: Lumbermen are habituated to hard work.

How do use the word weakness in a sentence?

Habitual lying is a serious weakness in a person's character.

What is an example of past tense habitual action?

I think the main way to show habitual actions in the past is with 'used to + verb':I used to buy my lunch at school.A past simple sentence can also show past habitual action:When I was young I walked to school.

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* My father often swims in the lake. This is a correct sentence to describe my father's current habitual action. * My father often swam in the lake. This is a correct sentence to describe my father's past habitual action.

What is the part of speech for habitual?

"Habitual" can function as an adjective.

What has the author Lincoln Efford written?

Lincoln Efford has written: 'The indeterminate sentence and habitual criminals in New Zealand'

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A habitual past is using a used to sex

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Habitual truant is someone who is habitually truant.

What is the maximum sentence for making fraudulent checks?

This is a very broad question. But the general rule is that the amount of your sentence for a bad check varies depending on the value of the check and whether it's a habitual offense.

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