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The shepherd's staff is known by several names. It is known as a shepherd's crook and a hocquet. The royal use of a scepter also hearkens back to the shepherd's staff.

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A crook.

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Q: What is a shepherds staff called?
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The name of the the stick Moses used to get water for the Isralites in the wilderness?

It doesn't have a "name", it was called a "staff". Moses was a shepherd, and shepherds used staffs to help them with their duties.

Why is shepherds pie called shepherds pie?

Because it is made with Lamb, and sheep are herded by Shepherds.

What did shepherds carry to rescue lost or wayward sheep?

Shepherds utilize a shepherds crook to steer the sheep in the right direction and to rescue them and such. The staff also served as a weapon when needed, though shepherds are well prepared to protect their flocks from the dangers of lions, wolves, and the like.

What is a shepherds' pouch called?

i understand that a shepherd's pouch is a "shepherds purse"

What is little bo peeps stick called?

Little Bo Peep's stick is typically referred to as a "crook" or a "shepherd's crook." It is used by shepherds to catch or guide sheep.

What is another name for german shepherds?

German shepherds are also called Alsatians.

How did the shepherd use his staff in Bible times?

He dipped his staff in holy water Staff was a long stick with a crook on the end used by shepherds. It was used to rescue their sheep when they were bogged in mud, in a hole, pull them out of brush, Etc. hdwhaley

What does the pope's crosier symbolize?

The crozier represents a shepherd's staff and is used by all bishops who are considered shepherds of their religious flocks.

What was the shepherds doing before he was called?

there were a lot of shepherds doing a lot of things usually tending to their sheep or having more kids

What is the staff a bishop carries called?

The crozier is the staff used by a bishop.

What does a cane symbolizes carried by the pope in the mass?

The crozier represents a shepherd's staff and his used by all bishops who are considered shepherds of their religious flocks.

What is a group of servants called?