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Q: What is a third geographic barrier faced by armies attempting to invade Russia?
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What third geographic barrier faced by armies attempting to invade Russia?

Mountain Ranges

Does America and Russia have the strongest armies?

America and Russia both have strong modern armies but China has the largest and most technological military in the world.

What are the times when the battles of the revolution was the army attempting in peace?

When the armies fully surrendered

What armies were used in World War 2?

The armies in World War 2 were the U.S., Germany, Russia, Japan, and others.

What nations had the largest armies in 1939?

1, Soviet Russia 2, France

What countries benefited from decline in nomadic armies in central asia?

China and Russia

What were mongol armies led into russia by batu known as?

The mongols were known as the Golden Horde

What side of the russia civil war did the allies support?

The so called White Armies.

What defeated Hitler in russia?

When Hitler attempted to attack Russia his armies fell to the brutal winter just as Napoleon's troops when he tried to invade.

Why is the Sahara desert in ancient Egypt so important?

The Sahara provided a barrier to invading armies. It offered the Egyptians protection.

What harsh winter area did Hitler's armies invade?

Russia during the winter of 1941 and 1942.

Was the great wall built to keep the Chinese people in?

No. The Great Wall of China was built as a defensive barrier against invading armies.