What is a toy in graffiti?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A TOY is a novice, beginner writer, who doesn't have an understanding of the graffiti culture. A toy's work can be easily spotted by other graffiti writers. Also, writers might write TOY in another writer's work, to offend him/her, even if it's a master piece.

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Q: What is a toy in graffiti?
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Is graffiti wrong?

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What are some common words associated with graffiti of graffiti artists?

Tag: A tag is basicly you signature. Tag started the whole graffiti era. Tag is writing your tagger/graffiti name in style, then later people started to make tag's thicker, bigger, started to ouline them, and add all kinds of color and art. Thus tag created graffiti. Bomb:Bomb is just a simple and fast graffit. Even though its simple and fast, it should still be clean/look nice. Every graffiti artist has a bomb, and everyone who has one has a dope bomb. Bomb usally uses 2 colors. 1 for inside, and another for outline. Bomb's are usally used to cover up another persons art piece. Use for just creating beef or getting back at another crew that has been messing with your art work. With a bomb, you can destry the person art in min's. Once you do it, you can't see whats under your bomb. Blackbook: Basicly you sketch book to put your graffiti art work. Its a hard black cover, that was popular in the late 70's and 80's but still is. -more later i have to go for now D:

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What does toy mean in texting?

A term utilized by graffiti artists; a title given to inexperienced taggers. Used in a sentence: "Some toy tagged over my masterpiece."

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press save

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The Letter Has Graffiti Writing On It.

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