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Q: What is an amazing event tha no one can explain called?
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What is a mirical?

A mirical is an amazing event that cannot be explained by anything/one

Explain about any one event done by her?

Done by who???

Can someone explain to me one of their AMAZING miracles of God?

Unlikely - It is the nature of miracles that they cannot be explained.

When one event changes the outcome of the next event it is called?

A dependent event

When one event affects another event the two events are called what?


What is it called when one event occcurs and another happens as a direct result?

This is known as causation, where one event directly causes another event to occur.

Which singer-songwriter had a number one album called 19?

The amazing singer-songwriter called Adele :)

What are two events called when the occurrence of one event does not affect the occurrence of the other event?


Is your horse amazing?

well my mom has 15 [one just went on loan] and they are all amazing there is one that particuly stands out called Freddie he is a little black shetland he is 20 so yeah all horses are amazing but there is allways one that stands out!

Which event coincides with one month?

Its called The Lunar Cycle

What is it called when one event occurs and another one happens as a result?

New Answer: Causation

What is a long distance biking event called?

It is called a tour. A tour have one stages or more